Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moldy cabinet in Danville

This cabinet was pulled from a kitchen in Danville, CA. There was a pipe leak in the ceiling that was going for a few days and caused a significant amount of damage to the kitchen ceiling. This cabinet was the lone cabinet that needed to be removed due to the mold on the back side. 

Drywall removed due to mold growth in a kitchen

This kitchen and hallway had a significant amount of mould growth, so much that over four feet high of drywall needed to be removed so that we could clean and treat the wood framing!

Moldy cabinet in a Dublin kitchen

This white cabinet looked fine from the outside but once we removed it from the wall we revealed mold growth on it and the wall behind it. In the photo you can see the black mold along the bottom of the cabinet and the wall. 

Moldy storage closet

This closet had some mold growing between the sheer wall and drywall. The maintenance noticed water staining and found mold behind the wall which prompted a call to SERVPRO of Pleasanton/Dublin!

Mold in a wall cavity

In this wall cavity there is a good amount of mold growing due to a water leak. Catching it at the early stage is always best but hard to do when it is hiding behind walls!

Crawling for mold

It isn't always in the easiest spot to get to, sometimes you have to get down and dirty and crawl to the location. Our technicians are willing to go to the smallest spaces to clean mold, especially under a house. 

mold damaged bathroom

Mold Damage in Dublin Home

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The steady seepage of water finally caused mold damage to this Dublin bathroom. The formica paneling and the framing was replaced after an anti-fungal agent was sprayed in the affected area. Mold infestations need to be taken very seriously.