Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO truck in front of local home

Apartment Water Damage

Emergency Cleanup Services

This apartment building experienced some water damage after a pipe burst and caused flooding. Our team was called to the complex to begin the inspection process and dry the affected building. 

SERVPRO of Pleasanton and Dublin has a team of certified restoration specialists available 24/7 to help you after water damage. 

Kitchen with no flooring after water damage

Restoration Process

Residential Restoration Services

This home had their kitchen flood after the dishwasher malfunctioned. We had to remove the flooring to fully dry and restore the affected area.

Our team at SERVPRO of Pleasanton & Dublin follows a six-step process during water damage restoration. This home needed the floor removed and replaced as part of the process. 

Kitchen with water damage on the floors

Home Water Damage

Time for Cleanup

Our team at SERVPRO of Pleasanton & Dublin was called to this home after they suffered from a water leak in the kitchen. We cleaned up the mess quickly! You can trust our team at SERVPRO of Pleasanton & Dublin to cleanup the mess from water damage quickly! 

team member using extraction machine to remove water

Commercial Water Removal

Extracting Water

This team member is using advanced extraction equipment to remove excess water from the carpet in a commercial building. Our team at SERVPRO of Pleasanton/Dublin acts quickly to remove water and restore your property. 

team member removing drywall

Removing Damaged Drywall

Restoration Process

To fully restore this home, our team at SERVPRO of Pleasanton/Dublin had to remove the drywall in the affected area. Removing the damaged drywall helps our team to dry the affected area and prevent further damage like mold

water damage restoration

Water Clean Up?

Use the Right Equipment!

When SERVPRO of Pleasanton/Dublin was called to assist this building with water damages, we had all the equipment needed to help the stressful situation. We brought in all the necessary equipment and our advanced training to mitigate the situation!

Water damaged and mold in laundry area

Water Damage Hidden Behind Washer/Dryer

The damage you see here was caused by a leaky water valve located behind the washer and dryer. Who knows how long it was leaking but it is obvious to see how a small leak over time can create such a mess.

High Tech

Benefits of Infrared Inspections:

  1. Non-invasive/non-destructive
  2. Cost savings to home owner
  3. Scan and detect problems quickly to avoid further damage

Bathroom floods closet in Pleasanton, CA

This water damage was due to a clogged toilet had overflown in the downstairs bathroom across the hall. There was a significant amount of standing water on this carpet and pad which needed to be removed and dried.

Drying from below

This tube is one of many that are drying the tile floor from the floor below. When we can, we try to dry out tile by getting creative. This is just an example of one of the ways to achieve this goal. 

Floating carpets

This heavily saturated carpet was worth saving so we removed the wet pad to reveal the concrete slab. Our air movers and dehumidifiers were placed under the carpet to dry out both in one shot. 

Air movers doing their job

These air movers are drying out the walls that got wet due to a clogged sink that ran overnight. The small amount of carpet that was removed revealed wet sub floor that began to dry. 

falling roof after water damage

Ceiling Water Damage

Our Emergency Service

The flat roof allowed the penetration of rainwater through the beams and sheathing onto the drywall ceiling. This Pleasanton water damage was completed by replacing the damaged material. Prior to the installation, the wood was treated for odor and anti-microbial products.